May 14, 2017 Announcements

We had a lovely Mother’s Day Worship Service on May 14. The mother with the youngest child present, the mother with the most children present and the oldest mother were recognized.

Joshua David Cheaney, Jr. and Kaleb Cohen were dedicated in our Parent/Child dedication this morning.

There will be a BABY SHOWER for SARA EASON on Saturday from 1:00-300pm. Sara is expecting a girl and is registered at Baby’s R Us and Target.

If you know of anyone in our church family that will be graduating from High School/College this year and would like to be recognized during our church service on June 11th, please call the church office.

Do you want a “limited” edition of Southside’s Anniversary coffee mug? We are asking for a $5.00 donation per mug which covers the cost of your mug and another mug we’ll give to a Church visitor. If you aren’t able to give a donation, let us know. See Lyn Carroll, Margie Davenport or Debbie Davenport. Thank you.