Bible Challenge – June 2017

Read 2 Samuel 6

Dancing half naked may be one of those moments a president or king would hate to see playing over and over on YouTube. Some have lost their leadership positions because they were caught in such compromising positions. For David this was the moment the people wondered, “Is that any way for a king to act? Dancing around with his shirt off like that?” David didn’t care. He was filled with joy.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you were so overcome with emotion that you danced like a fool? Many of us don’t. We’re afraid that it will hurt our images or others will laugh at us. We’re afraid of cameras and instant uploads to Facebook.

But if you were a part of a moment promised by God, fulfilled before your eyes, would you dance? How about that soon-coming moment when not just the ark but the people of God will enter the promised land of heaven with their resurrected bodies? Think there will be a little dancing going on? A box step? Salsa? Electric slide? You bet there will be.

So there’s no reason you can’t start practicing your dance moves now for the big marathon coming soon. It’ll last for eternity, and we’ll all be making fools of ourselves.

(from The American Bible Challenge)



1. What kind of cart brought the ark of God toward Jerusalem?
2. Before David brought the ark to Jerusalem, at whose houses did the ark rest?
3. Who reached out and took hold of the Ark and died?
4. When the ark arrived in Jerusalem and David had finished sacrificing, what did he give to everyone?
5. Because of Michael’s reaction to David, what happened to her?
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1. A new cart (2Samuel 6:3)
2. Abinadab and Obed-Edom (2Samuel 6:3, 12)
3. Uzzah (2Samuel 6:6-7)
4. A loaf of bread, a cake of raisins, and a cake of dates ( 2Samuel 6:19)
5. She had no children to the day of her death (2Samuel 6:23)