In any given day… (June 2017)


Dear Church Family,

Sometimes it is hard to believe all that happens in a given day.

This morning, when I came to the office, I found that the temperature in the building was 59 degrees. Somehow, the air conditioner had gotten set at the lowest setting, and it was so cold in the building that the windows were even fogged up. I had not brought a jacket, so the first hour, I was drinking hot coffee trying to get warmed up, as I worked in the office.

Then, some of the workers from manna ministry arrived, and began to prepare for our guests. I finished up the message for Wednesday night, while they made all the needed preparations for the meal. Then at 11 O’clock, I went over to the sanctuary, and had a bible study with our guests. Before the study, John Johnson played a beautiful song on the piano, for our worship service.

After the meal, I had an opportunity to go to Chesapeake Regional Hospital, and make a couple of visits. One individual was not in her room, but walking down the hall. So, as she walked, we visited together. We rode the elevator down to the lobby, sat for a few minutes, and shared some more. Then as I was leaving, we had prayer together in the lobby. After the hospital visits, I came back to the church, and finished the message for Wednesday night.

Earlier in the day I got a call from a friend of Brandon’s, who performs with the USO Show Troupe, a core group of performers are at Virginia Beach, preparing to perform for the Patriot Festival this weekend.

One young lady called, and needed a place to record herself playing the piano and singing. She needed to make a video today for an audition for a Broadway play. She wanted to know if she could use the sanctuary, to record herself. So as I write this letter, she and three of her friends are recording now in the Sanctuary.

We just finished our prayer meeting and bible study, and now I am in the office, waiting on Martha to finish choir practice.

No matter what is happening in life, God is at work around us giving us, opportunities to reflect His love to others. We have many opportunities, in the next month, to join together in being the Body of Christ. I count it a joy to be called your Pastor and to share together in ministry.

Pastor Terry