Bible Challenge – July 2017

Read Genesis 5…..

Genesis 5 contains the genealogies of the people who lived before the Flood. They were unfathomably old, most of them living between seven hundred and nine hundred years. That’s more than six hundred years carrying an AARP card. Our Social Security system would be totally bankrupt, unless the retirement age was changed to eight hundred years old.
Can you imagine nine hundred years of living on this earth? I can’t. It doesn’t seem appealing at all. Especially not with what’s waiting for all believers on the other side of life. The fact that some people lived to one hundred fifty after the Flood shouldn’t surprise us. Some believe the Bible is inaccurate because it portrays such outrageous ages. If you consider their diet, the atmosphere, the lack of diseases that hadn’t yet mutated, no cars, few wars, and few people, it’s not so crazy.
But don’t forget this—God wanted people like Moses and Joshua to live a long time. He had a lot to do through them. He had purposes for them and it took more than one hundred years to accomplish them. If God wants you to live, you ain’t gonna die!
We shouldn’t be concerned with how many years we are going to live. We should be concerned with how we’re going to live all those years. We should make sure every year is filled with God’s purpose and not our own desires. Make every day, week, month, and year count; and let God determine when it’s time to call it quits.
(from The American Bible Challenge)



1. In Genesis 5, who is the only son of Adam and Eve mentioned?
2. Whom did Seth father?
3. Who lived longest: Adam, Seth, or Enosh?
4. Whom in Genesis did God take away?
5. Who was Noah’s father?

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  1. Seth (Genesis 5:4)
  2. Enosh (Genesis 5:6)
  3. Adam (Genesis 5:5, 8, 11
  4. Enoch (Genesis 5:24)
  5. Lamech (Genesis 5:28-29)