Bible Challenge – August 2017

Read MARK 6:30-44…..

As he watched his five-thousand, Jesus saw a need—hunger—and decided to fulfill that need by feeding the large crowd with an abundance of  bread and fish that came out of nowhere.

Every gospel account of the story says that everyone who ate that day was satisfied. Sounds of “I’m full” or “I couldn’t eat another bite” were heard throughout the outdoor café. People leaned back and patted their stomachs as they picked their teeth. And there were leftovers—baskets and baskets of leftovers. Jesus stuffed everyone full and beyond fulfillment. So full, nobody could imagine taking any of it home.

This miracle shows the heart of God. God doesn’t ask us to take a bite of fish and pass it on to the next person. He doesn’t show us the bread then slap our hands when we reach for it. God fills our plates so high, we can’t possibly eat everything on them.

As we look to the blessings in our lives, we should never say that God has given us only a taste of his love. We should always be able to say that God has overwhelmed us to satisfaction with his grace. His love overflows our cups and spills onto our laps. So enjoy the smorgasbord of God’s blessings. And don’t worry, he’ll make more.

(from The American Bible Challenge)



1. How much money did the disciples calculate it would cost to feed the five thousand?
2. How many loaves did the disciples find?
3. How many fish did the disciples find before feeding the five thousand?
4. Jesus directed the people to sit in groups of how many?
5. Who were the five thousand, men or women?

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  1. More than half a year’s wages (Mark 6:37)
  2. Five (Mark 6:38)
  3. Two (Mark 6:38)
  4. Hundreds and fifties (Mark 6:39-40)
  5. Men (Mark 6:44)