Bible Challenge – September 2017

Read JOSHUA 6.

God gave some interesting instructions to the Israelites in order to defeat the city of Jericho. First they marched around the city once a day for six days. The priests blew the trumpets while the tribe was told not to say a word, but to march in silence.

On the seventh day, they marched around Jericho seven times, and on the seventh time the people shouted. As they gave that shout, the walls collapsed and the Israelites stormed the city.

We know what the Israelites did that week, but what was it like for the people of Jericho? At first the whole marching-around-the-city act probably seemed ridiculous. “What are they up to?”

By day two or three it probably caused a snicker and some sarcastic words: “ Is this all they can do? Maybe they’re getting dizzy.”

By day four or five, the Jericho citizens may have felt the whole thing was kind of creepy: “Okay, this is weird! They’re scaring the children!”

By day six, it all got just plain annoying: “Won’t they just go away? By day seven, their entire world would collapse.

Why did God ask the Israelites to go through all these steps before destroying the city? God may have been warning the innocent of Jericho to pack up and leave. The entire seven-day mini siege gave the inhabitants time to repent and discover the one true God. They missed an opportunity of grace by responding with sarcasm or fear.

God extends his love to the people of the world. They just need to see the signs and get in line. (from The American Bible Challenge)


1. What did the priests carry in front of the ark?
2. How many priests marched in front of the ark?
3. What three types of animals did the invading army kill?
4. Joshua pronounced a curse on anyone who tried to do what to Jericho?
5. What did Joshua say would occur to anyone who tried to rebuild Jericho?

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ANSWERS TO: Jerico—Good Contractors Are Hard To Find

1. Trumpets of rams’ horns (Joshua 6:4)
2. Seven (Joshua 6:13)
3. Cattle, sheep, and donkeys (Joshua 6:21)
4. Rebuild it Joshua 6:26)
5. His firstborn son and his youngest son would die. (Joshua 6:26)