Bible Challenge – October 2017


Read I Kings 1:32-40

Zadok is one of those names from the Bible that makes you ask, “Who? Never heard of this guy.”

Well, if you were King David, then you knew him quite well. Zadok was a priest during his reign. Zadok helped to transport the ark. He loyally stayed by David’s side, working with Nathan, the famous prophet. The Zadokites (descendants of Zadok) remained loyal as priests even when the Levites strayed.

So you still don’t know the name? What does it matter? God knew the name and rewarded Zadok for his faithfulness. David knew the name and considered him loyal. Solomon knew the name and called him Israel’s priest. There are names in the Bible that are obscure to us but were vitally important to God’s history.

What about you? Are you a famous celebrity in the world of Christianity, or a humble servant in a small country church in Mississippi? Who cares? Nothing else matters except God knowing your name. (from The American Bible Challenge)



1. In 2 Samuel 15, what did Zadok carry into Jerusalem with the Levites?
2. Where did David command that the next king be anointed??
3. Which son of David did Zadok anoint as King?
4. Which son of Zadok helped to deliver the news that Absalom was dead in Samuel 18?
5. Which major prophet mentions Zadok’s priesty line in his story of the temple restoration?

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ANSWERS TO: Set Phasers to Bless – Zadok

  1. The ark of the covenant of God (2 Samuel 15:241.
  2. The ark of the covenant of God (2 Samuel 15:242.
  3. Gihon (1King 1:33-353.
  4. Solomon (IKings 1:39)
  5.  Ahimaaz (2Samuel 18:19-33)
  6. Ezekiel (Ezekiel 43:19)