Bible Challenge – January 2018



If you were heading into war with the most feared enemy of the day, would you prefer swords, spears, and armor, or trumpets, jars, and torches? Think carefully, Swords, spears, and armor can kill an oncoming attacker and defend your body from harm. Trumpets, jars, and torches are great for playing jazz while storing up fire. What? The second choice doesn’t make any sense.

A musical instrument. A storage vessel. A light in the darkness. For Gideon these three items were the be best weapons in the world. Why? Because he had one other weapon: God. Gideon could have come at the enemy with toothpicks, sand, and thimbles, and somehow God would have found a way to win. Gideon believed the trumpet would proclaim God’s victory. He had the faith to fill thousands of jars. And he knew that God wanted to bring a light into the enemy territory.
What weapons do you need to bring to your battle—yours or God’s?
(from The American Bible Challenge)


1. What was Gideon’s other name?
2. When Gideon told his army that any man who was afraid to attack the Midianites could go home, how many left?
3. How many men brought the water to their mouths when drinking from the river, qualifying them to fight in Gideon’s army?
4. Gideon heard a dream from a man who encouraged him to attack the Midianites. What tumbled down in this man’s dream and crushed the Midianite tent?
5. Name the two Midianite leaders Gideon captured?

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ANSWERS TO: Faithbook–Gideon

1. Jerub–Baal (Judges 7:1)
2. Twenty-two thousand (Judges 7:3)
3. Three hundred (Judges 7:6)
4. A round loaf of barley bread (Judges 7:13)
5. Oreb and Zeeb (Judges 7:25)