Bible Challenge – February 2018

LOVE LINES—Song of Songs (Solomon)
Read Song of Songs (Solomon)2

Solomon’s Song of Songs gives us two important communication skills husbands and wives need to perfect to keep the passion alive in their marriages.

Husbands need to notice their wives specifically. The man in Song of Songs points out particulars about his wife that he loves about her. He doesn’t say, “Yeah, you look nice.” He is very specific, commenting on her face, voice, hair teeth, temple, neck, breasts, lips, cheeks, even her smell. Women love details and they want to know what it is about that dress that the man likes. Men, there is nothing you can do to make the woman react any differently. You must increase your vocabulary beyond “It’s good” and “I like it” to “I like the way it shows off your legs” or “that color really brings out your eyes.

Wives need to build up their men and make them sound like Chuck Norris. The woman in Song of Songs uses words of strength to describe her man. She likens him to a mare, a stag, a chariot, and trees. Many of the comments reveal her submission to him, saying he takes her in his arms, and he carries her away. She appears vulnerable and helpless because of his love. Men like that. They like to know that a woman melts into putty when he’s around. Women may have to come up with new compliments when their once-virile man now sports a ten-pound tire around his belly. That’s okay, ladies. It’s for a good cause.

So men, focus on the specifics.

And women, focus on his strength.

And you both will be making beautiful music together.

(from The American Bible Challenge)


1. In Song of Songs 2, the woman describes herself as what flower?
2. What should the daughters of Jerusalem not arouse or awaken before it so desires?
3. The woman describes the man as like a gazelle or a young what?
4. What animals ruin the vineyard?
5. What flowers does the man browse among?

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ANSWERS TO:  Love  Lines — Song of Songs

  1. A rose of Sharon (Song of Songs 2:1)
  2. Love (Song of Songs 2:7
  3. Stag (Song of Songs 2:9)
  4. Little foxes (Song of Songs 2:15)
  5. The lilies (Song of Songs 2:16)