Exciting February ahead (February 2018)

pastorterryDear Church family,

As we move forward into the month of February, many exciting things are before us.

First, the church voted to begin a partnership with a group called Healthy Chesapeake. We will be working together, to address the health (body, mind and Spirit) needs of those in our community. This will be accomplished by, a Senior Wellness and Education program that will run four days a week from 10-2:00 each day. A free meal will be provided for all who attend. Activates for the seniors will include arts, crafts, sewing, fitness, and computer classes, just to name a few.

Second, Healthy Chesapeake will provide staffing and resources for a free Diabetes and Hypertension Program that will be provided once a week at the church. This program will be a combination of monitoring individuals with hypertension and diabetes, and assisting them with resources to manage their care. A medical professional will be at the church coordinating this program, providing education and a cooking class to teach healthy eating. All services offered will be free.

This will be a wonderful opportunity for us to connect to our community, and join forces, as we seek to meet needs and share Christ. Our prayer is that we can develop a host of ministry opportunities, to not only meet the physical needs, but the spiritual needs of individuals as well.

Healthy Chesapeake will provide the materials, supplies, tools and staff necessary to implement the wellness program. The church will receive a monthly fee for use of our shared space, to cover additional utilities, and cleaning. Working together we can make a difference, and see lives change for the glory of God.

Also for five weeks, starting February 27 a group called Bank On will be teaching a class in the 1200 Building. Bank On Hampton Roads is a financial program to help people get started building a budget, tackling their debt, and building their credit.

This class will train mentors, who will then seek to help individuals be better managers of the resources they are blessed with. These classes will be held in the 1200 Building on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-8:00. If you have an interest in the program more information can be found at their website at www.bankonhr.org.

Also, don’t forget to attend our Friendship Banquet to honor our widows on Sunday evening, February 11. We will share a wonderful meal and a time of fellowship together. Working together, we can be the Light of Christ to those in need, and we can see His church grow. What a joy to serve a church with a heart of Christ, like Southside.

Pastor Terry