Charity efforts: Expanding His Kingdom (April 2018)

Dear Church family,

pastorterryWe just finished another ministry filled day at Southside.

Today we were blessed by having one of our partners in the community provide the food for our soup kitchen, but our ladies came early to make necessary preparation for the meal.

About nine o’clock, the Mobil Food Bank truck arrived, making preparation of the distribution of food to those in our community. We helped over 140 families with food, and I was able to share information about upcoming events with many of those who came.

Everyone I spoke to was so grateful for the services we were able to provide, as we partnered with other agencies.   I had several conversations with individuals, and was able to invite them to come back and worship with us on Sunday.

I was privileged to have a bible study in the sanctuary for a small group who came early. Today was our Impact Wednesday, and we were blessed to have many agencies available to help those in need. For about three hours, the church parking lot and buildings were filled with agencies and individuals seeking assistance.

The agencies were able to share information about jobs, housing, health care, and veteran benefits, just to name a few. They also shared clothes, personal hygiene items, and referrals to other agencies.

After the Mobil Food Bank left, I had several individuals who came needing help with food.   Because of your recent generous giving to our food pantry, we were able to help these individuals and share God’s love with them.

One lady who came for help, wanted to know how she might serve and minister in the church. I shared with her about our senior program, which is meeting four days a week, in the social hall. I also told her she might be able to help in our soup kitchen.

During the day, as a core group of our church leaders ministered and served, I could sense the Spirit of God at work.  I know that we were sowing seeds, and that in time a harvest will come.

We are reminded in Proverbs 19:17 NIV “He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and He will reward him for what he has done.” In God’s timing, in some way Southside will be rewarded for the heart that you have for those in need.  In ways that we can’t imagine, we have the privilege of helping to expand God’s kingdom to those whom the Lord brings to us.   Thanks for having a heart like Jesus!

Pastor Terry