Bible Challenge – June 2018


Read Genesis 24:1-31………

Imagine your dad sending out the butler to find you a wife.  There are a lot of things wrong with this scenario.  First of all, it’s your dad’s bright idea.  Then, you are at the mercy of a servant who is trying to pick out someone he thinks your dad thinks would be best for you.  Sound like a potential martial disaster?

This is precisely what happened to Isaac, but it worked out perfectly. Why?  The quest for the perfect bride began with prayer. The matchmaker prayed for God’s divine intervention.  He even went so far as to ask for a clear sign.  God got involved and offered his best choice.

The woman, Rebekah, was not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside.  Men like Samson picked women for their looks.  See how that worked out for him.  Rebekah was pure, a virgin, indicating her moral standards.  The servant wanted a woman who would take the time to help a stranger and his camels, even offering him a place for the night.  By coming to the well, Rebekah proved she was a hard worker and responsible.

When looking for the perfect bride, begin with a prayer.  Ask God to bring her to you at the right time to the right place.  When you  find someone, ask some questions.

  • Is she beautiful on the outside and inside?
  • Is she pure with moral standards?
  • Is she hospitable, loving others more than herself?

Who could say no to such a beautiful woman?  Isaac couldn’t.

The Bible’s first blind date worked perfectly because God was asked to be the matchmaker.    (from The American Bible Challenge)



  1. Abraham made his servant swear Issac would not marry a daughter from what people group?
  2. To what town did the servant travel to find a wife for Isaac?
  3. As a sign that Abraham’s servant had found the woman for Isaac, what he did pray she would offer to water?
  4. What jewelry did Abraham’s servant give Rebekah when they first met?
  5. Who was Rebekah’s brother?

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ANSWERS TO: Real Housewives of the OT-REBEKAH

  1. The Canaanites (Genesis 24:3)
  2. Nahor (Genesis 24:10)
  3. The camels (Genesis 24:14)
  4. A gold nose ring and two gold bracelets (Genesis 24:22)
  5. Laban (Genesis 24:29)