We can plan our days, but God orders our steps (June 2018)

pastorterryDear Church family:

On Monday, I leaned over to brush my teeth, and my back went out.

Martha and I had decided to go out to get a bite to eat, when we finished the meal, I could hardly get out of my seat and had difficulty walking. You know that I am in a lot of pain when I ask Martha to drive.

It is not that she is bad driver, actually. She is a better driver than I. But, when it comes to driving, I am just more comfortable, feel more in control, when I am doing the driving. This may be a guy thing.

So, I went to the Doctor on Tuesday. They gave me some steroids and decided I needed x-rays of my hip and back. I just got the results, and all the major stuff seems fine. The good news is, with the medication my back is getting better.

But, this event just reminded me how fast life can change. We can plan our days, but God orders our steps. He is in control; He is all powerful and guess what, we are not! We must surrender all the challenges in our lives over to His care.

For many, the month of June is a time of change, but especially those graduating from High School. For some graduates, it will be a time of transition to college, or technical school. For others, the change will lead to finding full time employment, and job training. Still others will graduate and join the military in service to our great country. But, for all of us, it is a reminder that in all of life’s changes, it is important to stay connected to Christ, and His Church.

The Lord is always to be the Anchor of our souls, during the currents of change in our lives for “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure….” (Hebrews 6:19NIV).

We, as a church, are also experiencing some changes in our ever-changing world. We continue to seek to be good stewards of the resources that the Lord has blessed us with, by forming partnerships to help expand His kingdom.

Our music ministry is changing, as Anya has gone to Belarus to spend the summer with her family, so please keep her in your prayers. But, we are blessed to have Kim Chafee to join us for the summer, to provide leadership for our music ministry. We warmly welcome her into the family, and look forward to a great summer of ministry together.

In all the changes in life, both personally and cooperatively, may we be reminded that God is still in control .Let us unite our hearts in prayer seeking His face, and wisdom, as we join Him in growing His church.

Pastor Terry