We are the light for those suffering in hard times (August 2018)

pastorterryDear Church Family:

Today, I spoke with a fellow whose grandmother, years ago, was active in the church.

He is going through some challenges in his life, and the church, through the Manna ministry was seeking to meet his needs. Southside continues to minister to our hurting world. As I spoke with this person, I thought about all the thousands upon thousands of individual whose lives have been touched by the ministry of Southside.

I was reminded of all the people who once walked in darkness, but because of the witness of the Saints at Southside, are now a part of God’s kingdom. I thought of all the seeds of the gospel that are sown yearly, through the ministries of the church.

And, yes, I thought about how much more we could do, if each person who is a member of Southside would faithfully serve, and minister in the church.

I also had the opportunity today to listen to the stories, the broken hearts, of several individuals who found themselves in crisis with no place to stay. I had prayer with them, invited them to church, and because of our partnership with Social Services, I was able to connect them to agencies that could provide some help.

Thanks to the meals provided weekly through the Manna ministry, we are able to be the light of Christ to many who are going through hard times.

We are reminded in Proverbs 14:31 “He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.” The Lord will continue to bless, as we look for opportunities to share the love of Christ, with others.

The church will grow, as each member faithfully attends, offering his or her gifts, talents, and resources in service to the Lord. Let us unite our hearts in prayer, asking the Lord to grow His church for His glory.

Pastor Terry