September 30, 2018 – Announcements


6:00 P.M.



TODAY:                 6:00 PM Evening Worship

MONDAY:            6:30 PM WOM; Deacons  Meeting

WEDNESDAY:      11:30 AM Manna Ministry

6:30 PM Team Kids

6:30 PM Prayer Meeting;Bible Study

7:30 PM Choir Practice

THURSDAY:          6:00 PM Fall Leadership Training

SATURDAY:            8:00 AM Men’s Prayer Breakfast

6:00-8:00PM Family Game Night


The WOM and Deacons will meet tomorrow evening at 6:30pm.                   

Bridge Network of Churches Leadership Conference   will be held on Thursday  at Thalia Lynn Baptist Church.   Dinner: 6:00pm (pay at the door) and sessions begin at 6:50pm.  Session Topics are posted on the bulletin board.  To reserve your class and meal, email: or call 757-398-9793. This conference is open to  everyone.

Our  Men’s Prayer Breakfast will meet once again on Saturday.  Don’t forget to invite someone; a family member, friend/neighbor.

FAMILY GAME NIGHTSaturday from 6:00-8:00pm.  Join us for a night of fun and  bring your favorite game and a snack.

On October 14th we are having High Attendance Sunday.  On this day, Sunday School will begin at 9:45am and Church Service will begin at 11:00am (this Sunday only).  The reason for the change is so we can enjoy a fish fry immediately after church.  This is a wonderful time to invite neighbors, friends and family so it truly will be a HIGH ATTENDANCE  day.

The Alma Hunt Total to date: $185.00.