Bible Challenge – October 2018


Read Genesis 18:1-15


If she’d had it, Sarah certainly would have used social media to express her emotion when she heard the three mysterious visitors tell her husband, Abraham, that next year she would have a son. Sarah, with her AARP card. Sarah colleting Social security, Sarah, old enough to be a great-grandma, giving birth to her first son.  Pretty funny? Sarah thought so.  In fact she laughed.  “Ha! I’m a worn out ol’ lady.”

The visitor—an angel or some say Jesus himself—said to Abraham, “Why is your wife laughing?”  I wonder what kind of a laugh it was.  A deep –belly guffaw?  A sarcastic chuckle?  Either way, Sarah laughed at God.  You probably don’t want to do that, no matter how ridiculous he may sound.

If you heard God’s plan for you right now, what would you do?  Scream? Grasp? Maybe  chuckle?  “You want me to do what?  I’m going to do that when?”  you laugh with,  tears in your eyes.  Seems hilariously impossible.  God has a great sense of humor, right?  But he’s not joking.  If he could allow a grandma to give birth to a healthy child, imagine what he can do with you—at any age.  Lead a Bible study of middle schoolers.  Go to Peru on a mission trip.  Reach inner-city kids with backyard VBS.

Don’t laugh—nothing is too hard for the Lord.  He can even use…you.

(from The American Bible Challenge)




  1. Where did the Lord appear to Abraham in Genesis 18?
  2. How many men visited Abraham in that location?
  3. What did Abraham tell Sarah to make for the visitors?
  4. Where was Sarah when she heard the news that she would  have a child in one year?
  5. What did Sarah deny doing?

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  1. Near the great trees of Mamre (Genesis 18:1)
  2. Three (Genesis 18:2)
  3. Bread (Genesis 18:6)
  4. At the entrance to the tent (Genesis 18:10)
  5. Laughing (Genesis 18:15)