Bible Challenge – November 2018

Read Daniel 1….

What separates Daniel from Adam, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, and Solomon?  Mainly that you don’t hear anything bad about him.  Daniel is always portrayed positively:

  • He stayed true to his faith, never wavering despite public opinion.
  • He hung out with guys who shared his conviction.
  • He remained a servant to God despite his climb up the political ladder.
  • He represented a true believer while his country floundered because of their lack of faith.
  • He was used by God to receive a very interesting vision that probably nobody but Daniel understands to this day.

Was Daniel perfect? No way. Only Jesus was perfect.  But Daniel’s good outweighed his bad.  His bad was so insignificant that it was never worth mentioning.

Wouldn’t you want your  story to be written like Daniel’s?  Nothing but positive reviews,   (from The American Bible Challenge)




  1. What did Nebuchadnezzar take to the temple of his god in Babylonia and put in the treasure house?
  2. How many years were the young Israelite men trained in Babylonian culture?
  3. What were the Jewish names of Daniel’s three friends?
  4. What was Daniel’s Babylonian name?
  5. Daniel remained in exile until the first year of what king?

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  1. Some of the articles from the temple of god (Daniel 1:2)
  2. Three ((Daniel 1:5)
  3. Hanniah, Misheal, and Azariah (Daniel 1:6)
  4. Belteshazzar (Daniel 1:7)
  5. Cyrus (Daniel 1:21)