Bible Challenge – February 2019


Read Daniel 7.

Daniel saw some weird things in his day.  His visions perplexed not only him but modern-day quasi-prophets  who think they have unlocked the mysteries of what Daniel saw.  What was the purpose of the visions?

Daniel  admitted that the visions troubled and disturbed  him, but God did his best to comfort Daniel.  God immediately interpreted the visions and gave Daniel answers.  God wanted to show Daniel that God had answers for the questions to come.  And God’s explanations were logical.  While the answers would be devastating, Daniel received clear interpretation.  God didn’t want him living in mystery.  That’s not God’s desire. He’s the God of light and truth.  Confusion and chaos are Satan’s MO.

God used the visions so Daniel could see and feel the evil of what was going to happen.  God used sensory cues to help Daniel express what was to come.  God showed Daniel who these leaders really were—beasts with sharp teeth and claws who only wanted to devour and kill.   He could have said to Daniel, “Hey, let me tell you about all the bad kingdoms that will oppress Israel,” but instead he allowed Daniel to experience their horror.  These were not literal mythological creatures, just visual metaphors.  God allowed Daniel to feel the fear, but he wanted Daniel’s comfort and strength to rely only on him.

God knows the unknown is scary for us, but God knows the future. He has it all figured out.

(from The American Bible Challenge)



  1. In Daniel’s vision what came out of the sea?
  2. What did the bear in Daniel’s dream have in its mouth?
  3. How many horns did the fourth beast start out with in Daniel’s dream?
  4. What did the four great beasts represent?
  5. What did the ten horns represent?

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ANSWERS TO:   Daniel’s Visions


  1. Four beasts (Daniel 7:3)
  2. Three ribs (Daniel 7:5)
  3. Ten (Daniel 7:7)
  4. The four kings that will rise from the earth (Daniel 7:17)
  5. Ten kings who will come from the fourth kingdom (Daniel 7:24)