Spring forward in service and devotion (March 2019)

pastorterryDear Church Family,

This winter, we have had our fair share of rain.  I don’t know about you, but I am glad that spring is just around the corner. The signs of spring are already showing up around my house. We have Daffodils in full bloom, and the grass is already starting to turn green.  May the signs of spring be a reminder, a call for each of us to spring forward in service and devotion to the Lord and His church?  Now is time for each of us to renew our commitment to cooperative worship, to Sunday school, and service in God’s kingdom.

I am excited about a new class that will be offered on Tuesday nights, starting in April. As a church, we will be the first in the state of Virginia to teach this particular class about the importance of wellness in the church.  This class will simply be a means to have fun, learn new recipes, see cooking demonstrations, be mindful to move more and gain some biblical truths of wellness. We are partnering with Healthy Chesapeake to offer this class titled: Faithfull Families Thriving Communities Eating Smart and Moving More.   Bill Mayes will be teaching the spiritual aspects of this class. More information and signups will be offered in just a few weeks. I know that many of you are already seeking to make some changes in order to be healthier.  This class will be a means of joining with us in this journey.

On Sunday, March 24 we will have a guest speaker from the Gideon’s Internationals to share with us during a portion of the worship service. At the end of the service, we will be receiving a special offering that will support this ministry and the purchase of bibles. Every dollar given goes directly to the purchase of bibles, which are then placed in strategic locations. Every day,  lives are changed as these bibles are read by people in a time of need.

Then on Sunday, April 7,  we will have a high attendance day with a covered dish meal  following the worship service.

As a church, lives are changed as we remain faithful in pointing others to Christ, and His church. May the Lord show us at least one person for whom, in the next year, we can have a part in bringing into His Kingdom and the church.   Let us pray daily that the Lord will give us an opportunity to be used by Him, to make an eternal difference in this person’s life. As we faithfully worship, study, and serve together, the church will move forward, and people will be saved.

Pastor Terry