Bible Challenge – April 2019


Read Genesis 37


If I were Joseph, I would be pretty upset.  His brothers, out of jealousy over a stupid colorful coat, pushed him into a cistern and then sold him off to traders who carted him off  to  Egypt, where he got thrown in jail and forgotten for years.  Joseph, a seventeen-year-old at the prime of his life, outnumbered and overwhelmed, blamed for things he didn’t do, uprooted and transplanted to a place he didn’t want to go, was abandoned.  Wouldn’t you be upset?

Joseph probably was, at some point, but he saw the good in it.  Later, as God blessed him and placed him into the second-highest position in the most powerful nation on earth, Joseph met up with his brothers again.  After testing and toying with them,  Joseph revealed his identity.  He said,  “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives” (Genesis 50:50).

WOW.  Joseph  is a better man than I am.  I would see what I had lost.  Joseph saw what he had gained.  I would see my missed opportunities.  Joseph saw God’s opportunities.  I would see the death  of me.  Joseph saw the saved lives of many people.  No wonder his brothers hated him.  He was a better man than all of them.



  1. How old was Joseph when he first tattled on his brothers?
  2. Joseph’s first dream involved sheaves of what?
  3. Joseph’s second dream involved what three objects in space?
  4. Which brother first defended Joseph and kept the brothers from killing him?
  5. Which brother suggested selling him to the traders?

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ANSWERS TO:   CSI Holy Land—Joseph

  1. Seventeen (Genesis 37:2)
  2. Grain Genesis 37:7)
  3. The sun and moon and eleven stars (Genesis 37:9)
  4. Reuben (Genesis 37:21)
  5. Judah (Genesis 37:26-27)