We can reach our Jerusalem for Christ (April 2019)


On Sunday nights, I have been sharing from Thom Rainer’s Book Titled: I Will.  We have been reminded of the importance of being a worshiping, growing, serving and giving Church member.

As we look at most of the churches today we realize that something is wrong.   I know of four churches in Portsmouth that are on the verge of closing their doors. Experts tell us that 80% of all churches in American are either plateaued or declining. The question then is how do we effectively reach our world for Christ today, and build His Church? How do we get serious about reaching our Jerusalem, the family, friends and neighbors in our circle of influence?

 First, we must pray.  Pray for those who don’t know Christ, that their hearts will be open to the gospel. Pray that the Lord will give us opportunities to be the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus. Before you go to bed at night pray that the Lord will give you an opportunity to share the love of Christ in both word, and deed with someone.  It is often through prayer that God begins to change hearts and draw others into a personal relationship with Him.

 Second, we can all invite someone to church. When we invite someone to church, we are giving them an opportunity to connect with other believers, and for them to hear the Gospel.  Eight out of ten people will come, if we invite them.

Every week, look for opportunities to invite someone to worship or to Sunday school. The next three Sundays are wonderful times to invite someone to be your guest. We will have a high attendance day on April 7th  with a covered dish meal to follow.  The next Sunday will be Palm Sunday and then April 21st  we will join together in the celebration of Easter. The choir will be leading in some special music, followed by the message. Invite someone to be your guest each Sunday.

 Third, intentionally look for opportunities to reach our Jerusalem.

Have you noticed that if you get a different car it seems that everybody else is driving a similar car?  What happens is our frame work has changed. The same is true when we begin to ask the Lord to help us see opportunities to bear a witness for Him.  Because we are spiritually alert, we begin to notice those opportunities, and we will see them more frequently.
 Fourth, we must be prepared to speak when the opportunity arises.  We can all tell our story, and be ready to share Christ’s story with a simple plan of salvation. The gospel in a nutshell is John 3:16. Working together, we can reach our Jerusalem for Christ and build His Church.

Pastor Terry