May 2019 Schedules

DEACON OF THE WEEK:      MAY  05: Jose Ramirez; 12: Jerry Davenport; 19: Swep James; 26:  Bill Mayes

NURSERY:  MAY   –  NURSERY schedule posted in nursery.

COUNTING          : MAY  05:   Gary Collins, Cindy  Cole, Nora Nelms; 12: Meriam King, Margaret Sleeper, Cheryl Brackett; 19: Lyn Carroll,  Delores Ramirez, Jose Ramirez; 28: Nila Culpepper,    Margaret Hathaway, Gary Collins

USHERING:    MAY. 05, 19:    Gary Collins,  Samuel  Brinson, Dan Keefer, Jose Ramirez

MAY  12, 26: Jerry Davenport, Doug Davis, John Sandhoff, Justin Workman

Alternates:  Dan Bow, Linwood Nelms, Bill Mayes


The WOM and Deacons will meet on May 6th  at 6:30pm.

CHURCH  COUNCIL will meet on Thursday, May 23rd at 6:30.