Treat your overheated concerns with the cool breeze of His Spirit (June 2019)

Pastor Terry
Pastor Terry Riddle

Dear Church Family,

The first official first day of summer is still weeks away, but it already feels like summer, with the expected temperature of 98 degrees today.

Sometimes in life, changes come faster and more often than we expect. Life sometimes just seems to heat us up, and we can easily become over heated with concerns. But, we serve a God who can bring in the cool breeze of His Spirit and keep us cool in the middle of Life changes. He is ready to guide us in the uncharted road ahead, as we call out to Him for help.

In life, many changes are positive, and exciting, like the transition, and celebration of those who are graduating this time of year. Those of you who are graduating have worked hard, studied long, and completed a vast array of assignments.

You have taken a boat load of tests in order to reach your educational goal. You have had the help of teachers, family and friends supporting you along the way.

As a church family, we are so proud of all you have accomplished. We know the Lord has great things in store for each of you, in the future. We will be honoring each of you during our worship service on June 9. Be sure to invite your family and friends to come and worship with you on this special day.

Then on June 16, in celebration of Father’s Day, we will be honoring all of our Fathers present.

We will have a special gift for the oldest father, the father with the most children present, and the father who has the youngest child.

As Fathers, we have an awesome responsibility to provide for our families, and to be the spiritual leaders of our homes. I encourage all of our fathers to be present and bring your family, and friends with you to worship, on this special day.

As we enter into the summer season, may we all be found faithful as we join together in worship, bible study, and mission opportunities.

Pastor Terry