Bible Challenge — July 2019

CSI Holy Land–Eglon

Read Judges 3:12-30****

During a tumultuous time in Israel’s history, at the beginning of their occupation fo the promised land, leadership was nonexistent.  God turned to judges to bring judgment on the enemies, delivering God’s people from oppression.  King Eglon, a Moabite working with the Ammonites and Amalekites, became that kind of abusive leader for eighteen years.

The Israelites cried out to God for help, so he sent them Ehud, who had a surprisingly important characteristic:  left-handedness.  We would expect God to send someone skilled in  martial arts or slingshot shooting, but no, God chose Ehud based on what hand he used to throw a baseball.

While it may not seem like much at first, left-handed people are pretty sneaky during battle, just as left-handed pictures can strike out right-handed batters and left-handed boxers can be effective against right-handed opponents.  Right handers, in that day, kept their eye on their opponent’s deadly right hand.  A left hand comes out of nowhere.

It’s also possible that when entering a king’s court, people were frisked for weapons on their inside left thigh, the ideal place a  right-hander straps his sword.  Ehud could have eluded security by strapping his weapon on the right thigh.  Ehud saved his people because he used the wrong hand.  But for God it was the right one.

You may think you’re too short or too slow. You may wish God had made you prettier or more coordinated.  But you know what?  God made you unique for a purpose  You may not think God could ever use you, but he can.   (from The American Bible Challenge)



  1. What tribe was Ehud from?
  2. What did Ehud say to Eglon to make the king follow him into the secluded room?
  3. Where did Ehud plunge the sword into Eglon?
  4. What did the servants think Eglon was doing to make them wait before checking on him?
  5. Ehlud led a charge against the Moabites that killed how many?

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ANSWERS TO:   CSI Holy Land–Eglon

  1. Benjamin (Judges 3:15)
  2. “I have a message from God for you”(Judges 3:20)
  3. His belly (Judges 3:21)
  4. Relieving himself(Judges 3:24)
  5. Ten thousand Judges (3:29)