Deacon Nelms asks the favor of love, encouragement and support for one another

Hello Southside Brothers and Sisters,

As we begin September change is all around. Hopefully temperatures will decline, kids are back in school and teachers are back with their classes. Here at Southside we are entering a circumstance not experienced in eleven years; we do not have a pastor. As far as the pulpit is concerned we have outstanding pastors committed for Sundays in the month of September. The Pulpit Committee has worked diligently and solicits Gods guidance throughout their deliberations.

I have a favor/request for each of my Southside brothers and sisters. Even more than normal, through this unique period, please love, encourage, and support each other. Any church without its leader can experience stress but if we will do as I have asked we can turn a weakness into a strength. Go out of your way to greet someone you might not normally. Use this time to heal any differences. Approach your Deacon to let him know in the absence of the Church not having a pastor, you might call upon him.

Let use this time to grow closer to God and share Christ with each other and grow even closer.

Linwood Nelms
Deacon Chairman