Bible Challenge — October 2019



Read 1 Kings 21 and 2 Kings 9:30-37 ****

The Bible is full of violence.  Its pages show the worst to us.   That’s to be expected.  Mankind is prone to hate and kill, but thankfully the bad guys never win.

Jezebel was the  baddest bad girl of the Bible.  She’s so bad, nobody names their little Jezebel today.  Her name is the female equivalent of Adolf.  Jezebel encouraged Baal worship, turning people’s hearts away from Good.  She killed God’s prophets. When Elijah killed her prophets, she put out a death warrant on Elijah.  When her husband, Ahab, wanted a vineyard, Jezebel had the owner stoned to death because her husband was too weak to take the vineyard himself.

So God had her killed by her own servants.  Her own servants couldn’t stand her!  She was pushed from a high place, splattered on the ground, trampled by horses, and then eaten by dogs so there was nothing left to bury  except her skull, feet, and hands.  This was her legacy.  A horrible death for a horrible person.   Someone who once thought herself so important became like dung on the ground.

But this is justice,  Jezebel received what she dished out.  Jezebel met a fate she deserved.  We thank God that he’s a God of justice.  Hell ultimately is full of Jezebels and Adolfs and whoever else takes pride in murdering the innocent.  We wouldn’t want it any other way.


(from The American Bible Challenge)




  1. According to 1Kings 18:4, how many prophets did Obadiah hide from Jezebel when she started killing them?
  2. Whom did Jezebel have killed for his vineyard?
  3. Which prophet said dogs would devour Jezebel by the wall of Jezreel?
  4. What did Jezebel put on before her death?
  5. What group tossed Jezebel off the tower to her death?

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  1. One hundred (1Kings 18:4)
  2. Naboth (1Kings 21:7, 13)
  3. Elijah (1Kings 21:17-19)
  4. Eye makeup (2Kings 9:30)
  5. Eunuchs (2Kings 9:32-33)