Bible Challenge — November 2019


Read 1 JOB 1.  ****

The book of Job tells us that God loves to do protective gardening.  How does HE do that?  He plants a hedge around us.  A hedge is a thick brush that makes it difficult for invading armies to plow through and attack their target.  God’s hedge keeps out the worst enemy of all time—Satan.  Satan runs up to the hedge and goes, “Curses, I hate this hedge!  Always blocking my plans to ruin someone’s life.”

When we pray for the hedge of protection, Job 1 tells us it’s a real thing.  Satan wants access to our lives, but God denies him through a spiritual keep- out zone.  He cannot destroy something unless God gives him permission.

And why would God allow Satan access to someone’s life?

  • To prove a point, as he did with Job, and show Satan that Job would not curse God.
  • To strengthen the defenses of the attacked, building up their perseverance (Romans 5:3)
  • To turn the sinners over to what they asked for.( Romans 1:24)

So thank God for the hedge he has around you, and know that when difficulties invade your life and the hedges have been breached, there must be a good reason.            (from The American Bible Challenge)



  1. In what land did Job live?
  2. How many children did Job first have?
  3. What tribe carried off Job’s oxen and donkeys and killed his servants?
  4. What burned up Job’s sheep?
  5. What destroyed Job’s house and killed his sons and daughters?

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  1. Uz (Job 1:1)
  2. Seven sons and three daughters(Job 1:2)
  3. Sabeans (Job 1:14-15)
  4. The fire of God falling from the heavens(Job 1:16)
  5. Mighty wind (Job 1:19)