January 19, 2020 — Announcements


            TODAY:                   9:00AM BREAKFAST

9:45AM Sunday School

                                              11:00AM Morning Worship

            TUESDAY:               10:00AM Hill’s

                                                6:00PM Budget & Finance

                                                 6:30PM Church Council

            WEDNESDAY:  11:30 AM Manna Ministry

                                             6:30 PM Team Kids

                                                                                 6:30 PM Quarterly Business Meeting

                                                                                 7:30 PM Choir Practice


It is Bingo time for Hill’s on Tuesday.  If you are able to come out and lend a hand, meet at Hill’s at 10:00am. 

            The Budget and Finance Committee will meet on Tuesday at 6:00pm.

            Immediately following the Budget & Finance  Meeting, the  Church Council will meet  at 6:30pm.

Our Quarterly Business Meeting will be held on Wednesday at 6:30pm.  All committees will be called on for a report.

There will be a YOUTH activity on Sunday, January 26th.

FOOD BANK -Wednesday

11:30am -1:00pm

Last Week’s Report:  SS: 39; MW: 59; Wed. 26