Bible Challenge — February 2020


Read Matthew 9:9-13******

Can you believe God called a corrupt tax collector to follow him.  That’s like God marching into the Capitol building in Washington and asking a shady politician to follow him.  Or entering a women’s clinic and asking an abortion doctor to follow him.  Or busting through an Al Qaeda compound and asking a terrorist to follow him.  Or walking onto a studio lot and asking an atheist actor to follow him.  Or entering a megachurch and asking a corrupt evangelist to follow him.  Or driving to a dealership and inviting a crocked car salesman to follow him.  Or stepping onto a stage and asking a rapper of explicit lyrics to follow him.  Or slipping into a strip club and asking a dancer to follow him.

          If God called Matthew, he could call anybody.  Only those who thought they were good enough to be called God’s chosen questioned Jesus’ Choice of friends.  “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.  (Mathew 9:12), Jesus replied.  Jesus didn’t come to call those good enough.  The choices were rather slim.  So he called those who needed healing and were willing to get better.  That means he could call anyone, even you and me.


  1. Where was Matthew sitting when Jesus called?
  2. What two groups of people were eating with Jesus and the disciples at Matthew’s house?
  3. Jesus told the Pharisees he desired mercy but not what?
  4. Jesus told the Pharisees he did not come to call the righteous but whom?
  5. According to Luke 5:27, what other name was Matthew known by?

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Answers to My Tweet Lord —— Matthew

  1.  At the tax collector’s booth (Matthew 9:9)
  2. Tax collectors and sinners (Matthew 9:10)
  3. Sacrifice (Matthew 9:13)
  4. Sinners (Matthew 9:13)
  5. Levi (Luke 5:27)