Bible Challenge – October 2018

MY TWEET LORD--SARAH Read Genesis 18:1-15   If she’d had it, Sarah certainly would have used social media to express her emotion when she heard the three mysterious visitors tell her husband, Abraham, that next year she would have a son. Sarah, with her AARP card. Sarah colleting Social security, Sarah, old enough to be … Continue reading Bible Challenge – October 2018


Bible Challenge – September 2018

FALSE GODS Read 1 Kings 11:1-13   False gods come in all shapes and sizes.  Some tempt you to commit sexual perversions, others ask you to incinerate your children in fire.  What was the appeal of these gods, and how did they manage to be a thorn in the side of Israel for so long?  … Continue reading Bible Challenge – September 2018

Bible Challenge – August 2018

GET YOUR BURIAL NEEDS AT LAZ-R-US Read John 11:1-44*** Nobody likes to hear his name called.  Not by teachers. Not by the IRS. Not by the pastor, especially during the sermon as an example of how not to live. One time I was in the Tel Aviv airport in Israel, and my name came over … Continue reading Bible Challenge – August 2018

Bible Challenge – July 2018

BIBLICAL GREETING CARDS--LOT Read Genesis 19*** Before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the two men (who were angels) pleaded with Lot and his family to get out of town.  The men told Lot not to look back at the city’s destruction because anyone who did not would turn to salt. That’s a tough request.  … Continue reading Bible Challenge – July 2018

Bible Challenge – June 2018

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF THE OT--REBEKAH Read Genesis 24:1-31……… Imagine your dad sending out the butler to find you a wife.  There are a lot of things wrong with this scenario.  First of all, it’s your dad’s bright idea.  Then, you are at the mercy of a servant who is trying to pick out someone he … Continue reading Bible Challenge – June 2018

Bible Challenge – May 2018

THOU SHALL NOT COVET Read Exodus 20……… Coveting is desire.  It means “I want” or “Give me that” or “How come they get nice things but I don’t?”  But it’s also wanting  something so badly that you forget what you really need.  It’s a passionate must have. Coveting is dissatisfaction.  It’s saying, My life is … Continue reading Bible Challenge – May 2018

Bible Challenge – April 2018

BIBLE CHALLENGE LANGUAGES AT PENTECOST Read Acts 2:1-21 Peter preached the first sermon on Pentecost, and the place went wild. Tongues of fire appeared over the audience’s heads, and everyone began to speak in other languages. Amazed by the miracle, the people asked, “What does this mean?” (Acts 2:12) Good question: The answer passion and … Continue reading Bible Challenge – April 2018

Bible Challenge – March 2018

SEVEN CHURCHES OF REVELATION Read Revelation 2. How would your church feel if it got a report card from God?  You would probably want all As, right?  And positive marks in the comments section.    No absences, of course.  How fulfilling it would be if God said he saw our hard work and perseverance. We would … Continue reading Bible Challenge – March 2018

Bible Challenge – February 2018

LOVE LINES—Song of Songs (Solomon) Read Song of Songs (Solomon)2 Solomon’s Song of Songs gives us two important communication skills husbands and wives need to perfect to keep the passion alive in their marriages. Husbands need to notice their wives specifically. The man in Song of Songs points out particulars about his wife that he … Continue reading Bible Challenge – February 2018

Bible Challenge – January 2018

BIBLE CHALLENGE FAITHBOOK --GIDEON Read JUDGES 7 If you were heading into war with the most feared enemy of the day, would you prefer swords, spears, and armor, or trumpets, jars, and torches? Think carefully, Swords, spears, and armor can kill an oncoming attacker and defend your body from harm. Trumpets, jars, and torches are … Continue reading Bible Challenge – January 2018