Bible Challenge – November 2017

ARMOR OF GOD Read Ephesians 6 To go into battle without any armor is either really stupid or really brave. For a warrior to go armorless, he would need to have complete trust in his own skills or complete trust in God’s protection. David knew his own skills with the sling to take down lions … Continue reading Bible Challenge – November 2017


Bible Challenge – October 2017

SET PHASERS TO BLESS - ZADOK Read I Kings 1:32-40 Zadok is one of those names from the Bible that makes you ask, “Who? Never heard of this guy.” Well, if you were King David, then you knew him quite well. Zadok was a priest during his reign. Zadok helped to transport the ark. He … Continue reading Bible Challenge – October 2017

Bible Challenge – September 2017

JERICO - GOOD CONTRACTORS ARE HARD TO FIND Read JOSHUA 6. God gave some interesting instructions to the Israelites in order to defeat the city of Jericho. First they marched around the city once a day for six days. The priests blew the trumpets while the tribe was told not to say a word, but … Continue reading Bible Challenge – September 2017

Bible Challenge – August 2017

BIBLE CHALLENGE FEEDING THE FIVE THOUSAND Read MARK 6:30-44….. As he watched his five-thousand, Jesus saw a need—hunger—and decided to fulfill that need by feeding the large crowd with an abundance of  bread and fish that came out of nowhere. Every gospel account of the story says that everyone who ate that day was satisfied. … Continue reading Bible Challenge – August 2017

Bible Challenge – July 2017

ONE HUNDRED FIFTY YEARS OLD Read Genesis 5….. Genesis 5 contains the genealogies of the people who lived before the Flood. They were unfathomably old, most of them living between seven hundred and nine hundred years. That’s more than six hundred years carrying an AARP card. Our Social Security system would be totally bankrupt, unless … Continue reading Bible Challenge – July 2017

Bible Challenge – June 2017

BIBLICAL REDNECKS—DAVID DANCING Read 2 Samuel 6 Dancing half naked may be one of those moments a president or king would hate to see playing over and over on YouTube. Some have lost their leadership positions because they were caught in such compromising positions. For David this was the moment the people wondered, “Is that … Continue reading Bible Challenge – June 2017

Bible Challenge – April 2017

The Temple In the time of the Old Testament, pagans regularly built temples for their gods. Before Solomon’s temple was built in I Kings, we read of temples built to Ashtoreth and Dagon. The structure Samson ultimately destroyed in Judges was a temple that doubled as a multilevel stadium. So it only seemed right that … Continue reading Bible Challenge – April 2017