In any given day… (June 2017)

Dear Church Family, Sometimes it is hard to believe all that happens in a given day. This morning, when I came to the office, I found that the temperature in the building was 59 degrees. Somehow, the air conditioner had gotten set at the lowest setting, and it was so cold in the building that … Continue reading In any given day… (June 2017)

What now? (May 2017)

Dear Church Family: This past Sunday, I preached a sermon which I titled “What Now?” We were reminded, that we all have times and moments in our lives, when we ask what now?  There are a lot of times when we just don’t know the answer to the struggles that we are facing. When the … Continue reading What now? (May 2017)

Satan: Like a spider in the dark (April 2017)

Dear Church Family: Back in October, I wrote about a spider in the kitchen sitting on the top of the coffee maker. I had tried to kill it, but was not sure if my hitting at it had done the job. Yesterday, I was in the kitchen watching our small television that sits on the counter, when I … Continue reading Satan: Like a spider in the dark (April 2017)

Sometimes it’s the simplest things… (March 2017)

Dear Church Family: As I was driving into the office this morning, the sky was blue, with a few clouds in the sky. The temperature was in the high sixties, so I opened the sun roof, and rolled down the windows in the car so I could enjoy the warm spring- like breeze. I turned … Continue reading Sometimes it’s the simplest things… (March 2017)

Today, it feels like spring… (February 2017)

Dear Church Family: Today, it feels like Spring outside, with temperatures in the mid sixties. Even though we have gone through some rough weather, and some challenging times, I am grateful for this day, and the reminder that better days are ahead.  I hope that you are just as excited about the days ahead, as … Continue reading Today, it feels like spring… (February 2017)

Happy New Year! (January 2017)

Dear Church Family: I love the starting of a New Year! As we celebrate the start of 2017, what a great reminder to us all, of the need to let go of the past. No matter what challenges, what pain, what struggles, or what mistakes we have had in our lives, now is the time … Continue reading Happy New Year! (January 2017)