Charity efforts: Expanding His Kingdom (April 2018)

Dear Church family, We just finished another ministry filled day at Southside. Today we were blessed by having one of our partners in the community provide the food for our soup kitchen, but our ladies came early to make necessary preparation for the meal. About nine o’clock, the Mobil Food Bank truck arrived, making preparation … Continue reading Charity efforts: Expanding His Kingdom (April 2018)


In the midst of change, let’s unite to share God’s goodness (March 2018)

Dear Church family, I just spoke with my oldest brother, Gerald, on the phone, and he just celebrated sixty years of marriage. I joked with Geneva, his wife, and told her they couldn’t possibly have been married for sixty years because neither of them looked, or acted, much older than sixty. We spoke about how … Continue reading In the midst of change, let’s unite to share God’s goodness (March 2018)

Exciting February ahead (February 2018)

Dear Church family, As we move forward into the month of February, many exciting things are before us. First, the church voted to begin a partnership with a group called Healthy Chesapeake. We will be working together, to address the health (body, mind and Spirit) needs of those in our community. This will be accomplished … Continue reading Exciting February ahead (February 2018)

New Year looks best looking forward (January 2018)

Dear Church Family, As we face the New Year, it is a good reminder not to dwell on the past. God is able to take all the challenges of the past, all the things that Satan meant for evil, and turn them into something good. Don’t let the mistakes and disappointments of the past, define … Continue reading New Year looks best looking forward (January 2018)

We are so blessed!… (December 2017)

Dear Church family, During Thanksgiving, I began to think of all the ways the Lord is blessing Southside, and what a joy it is to serve and minister in such a great church. We are blessed with Deacons who love the Lord, love His church and are always willing to serve and minister as they … Continue reading We are so blessed!… (December 2017)

Every good and perfect gift… (November 2017)

Dear Church family, First, let me say thank you for all your prayers, words of encouragement, cards, and gifts for Pastor Appreciation Day. Every Pastor should have the privilege of serving a loving congregation like Southside. I must confess that without Martha as my friend, helper, and wife I would not be the person that … Continue reading Every good and perfect gift… (November 2017)

What a great September… (October 2017)

Dear Church Family, What a great September we have had together as a church. On September the 17th, our Back to Church Sunday, we had 134 present in worship. We had twenty eight children in Children’s Church. This was one of the highest attendances in worship that we have had in several years. Then, on … Continue reading What a great September… (October 2017)

Fall is time for renewed commitment to be back in church (September 2017)

Dear Church Family, It is hard to believe that summer is just about over! By the time most of you read this article, Labor Day will be history, and the kids will be back in school. Just yesterday, I noticed the change in the air, that fall is just around the corner. With the beginning … Continue reading Fall is time for renewed commitment to be back in church (September 2017)

Blessed by the Lord with wife, love, & family (August 2017)

Dear Church Family, Today, July 26, Martha and I are celebrating forty three years of marriage. Both our mother’s used to say that our marriage was made in heaven. I know for sure God had His hand in bringing Martha into my life, and she has been the best wife, mother and friend that any … Continue reading Blessed by the Lord with wife, love, & family (August 2017)

Workers in God’s Kingdom (July 2017)

Dear Church Family: This morning during my devotional time, I read a passage of scripture in James 4 that reminds us of the need to be workers in God’s kingdom. As you read the Newsletter, we are reminded of the many areas of service, where we can put our faith into action. Also, the Nominating Committee is … Continue reading Workers in God’s Kingdom (July 2017)