Research Committee presents findings today

Today, the "Female Deacon Research Committee" will be presenting its findings. You will be given documentation for you to take home.  We are hoping that you will review it and pray on the matter. Next Sunday (March 24), during the morning worship service, you will be given a ballot to vote.  Yes, I agree with … Continue reading Research Committee presents findings today


Guest speaker Chapman shares insight about Jewish culture tonight at 6

This evening at 6, Victoria Chapman, a Messianic Jew, will speak and answer questions about bone testing in the Jewish culture, marriage rituals of that time period and any other questions we may have.

Armstrong Easter Offering to be received this month; $600 goal

The Annie Armstrong Easter offering will be received during the month of March.  Our goal is $600.00. “Your generosity through the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is another way you support more than 5,000 missionaries.  Every dollar goes directly to the mission field to resource their work.”

SS class donates in memory of Margaret Williams

In memory of Mrs. Margaret Williams, our fellow class member and friend, the Southside Baptist Adult II Sunday School class is donating $50 to purchase socks and other small items of necessity for the homeless in our community. Margaret loved her church and supported its projects. We believe she would have been pleased to have … Continue reading SS class donates in memory of Margaret Williams

Desserts needed for Sweetheart/Friendship Banquet Feb. 16

Our SWEETHEART/FRIENDSHIP Banquet will be held on Saturday, Feb. 16 at 6 p.m.  Widows and widowers will be recognized and a meal will be prepared and served by the Deacons. The meal will be provided but desserts are needed. If you have a favorite dessert you would like to share, please bring it with you. You can … Continue reading Desserts needed for Sweetheart/Friendship Banquet Feb. 16