Make donation to Southside, receive free book

Pastor Michael Reilly is offering his books free with any financial donation to Southside Baptist Church. You may request the book by its title via email. Mail your check to Southside Baptist Church, 1200 Bainbridge Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23324. Contact the office for more information. Available now on But, FREE with a donationto Southside … Continue reading Make donation to Southside, receive free book

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Home-based Life Groups offered

If you are interested in our home-based life groups, please contact the office. We have several groups available, including: WICK (Women In Christ Kingdom) - A college-aged ladies’ groupWORD (Women Of Royal Descent) - Women’s Life GroupOther home-based groupsGroups that meet in person at the 1200 building.

New ladies’ Life Groups meet

Women In Christ Kingdom (WICK) Home-based, college-aged, ladies’ group, meets twice each month on Monday in Chesapeake, Virginia. Women Of Royal Descent (WORD) This Women’s Life Group meets twice each month at 1200 Bainbridge Blvd, Chesapeake, Virginia. Interested? Please contact us for more information.